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Backed by caring passionate people with many years of experience and state of the art technology, All Star Memorials is the company that offers "The Service You Need, for the Price You Want!"All Star Memorials is committed to helping people, families like yours, with an important need. Your request is about LOVE for a very special person, how he lived his LIFE, and affected you and others. We are committed to working in a caring way, putting your MEMORY in an HISTORIC context, and creating a BEAUTIFUL memorial that will be there for GENERATIONS.Inspired by you, we will design and create cemetery memorials, mausoleums, and markers in bronze or granite that are appropriate for your lost loved one.

Our Management

Larry Heller - General Manager

I have spent the past 12 years in Cemetery management. I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of families with their cemetery and memorial arrangements. Originally, I worked in various locations for the two largest cemetery corporations in North America. Together they own and operate more than 700 cemeteries nationwide.

Ten years into my cemetery career I found myself on a regional telephone conference call of sales managers every Tuesday evening. I, along with dozens of other managers had to give our current week’s sales numbers, last week’s sales numbers, and expected sales numbers for the upcoming months. Increased sales was the only goal of those large corporations. The cemetery managers who went above and beyond families’ expectations were not acknowledged for their exemplary service. They were told, “If you want to do Good, join the Red Cross!

Today as a partner at All Star Memorials, I am once again able to concentrate on service. Speaking with a family one on one, understanding and accommodating their needs, and giving a family 100% of my attention, skill and expertise has reestablished my belief in why I’ve enjoyed this industry for so many years.

It is, and always will be about the interests of the family. Anything less is unacceptable.

Steve Zipkin - Senior Consultant

I am a Philadelphian, born and educated here. I became involved in the community and my kid's schools. My career, working in dental health, lasted for 24 years. I enjoyed the work, but at the close of 2001 business conditions were slow and my wife was ill. I stayed at home and took care of Bonnie thru her difficult illness that ended with her death in June of 2002.

My cemetery and memorial sales career began in February of 2003. It began out of my strong desire to serve the community. At All Star Memorials I am able to help families with whom I closely identify. Together we chat, reminisce, and answer each other’s questions until a decision on a memorial becomes clear.

To help you with the permanent memorialization of your recently passed loved one, simply fill out the form on the top right of this page.

Great American Mausoleums

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What Can You Do Now, That Will Keep Your Family Together FOREVER?


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